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Watercolor on Paper
30 x 22
$1,155.00 USDPrivate Collection
Luffing by Chuck McPherson Watercolor ~ 30 x 22


~ Alley Cat Art Walk
~ San Diego Watercolor Society
~ San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild | Fine Art Festival V
~ St. Clair Gallery
~ San Diego Art Institute

Done to exhibit unusual watercolor techniques during my Artists Guild Demonstrations at the San Diego County Fair, "Luffing" brings all the dynamics of competitive sailing on the open sea to the viewer...

As one gallery observer phrased it, "He paints like (jazz legend) Charles McPherson plays music..."

Using sandpaper, cardboard and lipstick borrowed from a lady in the crowd (yes, lipstick), the work drew lots of attention among Fair visitors and was juried into the "Outstanding Artists of the Region" Show at the San Diego Art Institute during August 2008 and the San Diego Watercolor Society's "Time To Experiment" Show in September 2008.


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